TRON Event

The first TRON programming contest

April 17-June 5, 2018

Be enchanted by blockchain technology

Let minds spark their utmost brilliance

Revolutionize in cooperation and competition

Take home $1,000,000 for your excellence in programming

TRON Developer Programming Competition is a programming carnival dedicated to global community members and developers, based on the blockchain technology with the key feature of decentralization.

TRON offers to global developers and community members a world-class platform of blockchain development and a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas. Participants are also encouraged to develop third-party apps compatible with Tron’s main net and to contribute to the construction and the flourish of Tron’s ecosystem.

First-place prizes will be offered to designers of the five applications like the wallet based on Windows, Mac, iOS/Android platform, wallet embedded with Google Chrome and blockchain explorer.

Rules of Contest

  1. Application begins on April 17, 2018. Submission of application as well as code ends at 23:59 (GMT+8) on May 31, 2018.
  2. Developers can apply and participate individually or in team.
  3. Each team/individual participant can sign up for 5 sub-contests.
  4. All development must be based on Tron blockchain technology and should be one of the following five applications compatible with Tron’s main net:
  • Wallet based on Windows (including off-line signature function and voting function)
  • Wallet based on Mac (Off-line signature function is optional but a plus and voting function is necessary.)
  • Wallet based on iOS/Android (including off-line signature function and voting function)
  • Wallet embedded with Google Chrome (including voting function)
  • Blockchain Explorer

For files of relevant code and technological support please refer to:

  1. Developers are free to exchange ideas or team up in community. The recommended platform is the official Slack of Tron,, and official forum of TRON,
  2. Please submit your project from April 17-May 21, 2018. Failure to make your submission is regarded as voluntary withdrawal from the contest.
  3. Submitted work must include an operable program and code.


The reward pool is $1,000,000.

First-place winners for the following five applications will take home a reward of $180,000-280,000:

  • Wallet based on Windows (including off-line signature function): $180,000
  • Wallet based on Mac (off-line signature function is optional but a plus): $180,000
  • Wallet based on iOS/Android (including off-line signature function): $180,000
  • Wallet embedded with Google Chrome: $180,000
  • Blockchain Explorer: $280,000.

The developer of any product we deem to be complete will receive a $100,000 TRON Accelerator. For more information please refer to


April 17, 2018—Start of application

May 21, 2018—End of project submission

June 5, 2018—Announcement of rewards

Reward will be delivered within 1 month to the announcement.


Justin Sun: CEO of TRON

Lucien Chen: CTO of TRON

Marcus Zhao: Director of Technology, Tron


  • Step 1. Please submit your application to by May 31, 2018. Please name the subject in the format of “Application_Individual/Team name_Participating project” (e.g. “Application_Tron team_blockchain explorer”), or the email will be categorized as spam, leading to an unsuccessful application.

Application Form

Type Information
Individual/Team Name*  
Name of Contact Person*  
Phone include(country code) *  
Project Name*  
Project Type (single option)*
  • ( ) Wallet based on Windows
  • ( ) Wallet based on Mac
  • ( ) Wallet based on iOS/Android
  • ( ) Wallet embedded with Google Chrome
  • ( )Blockchain Explorer

Attention: item with * is required.

  • Step 2. Applicants will receive a confirmation email upon successful application:

You have successfully signed up for Tron Programming Contest. Please submit your project to by 23:59 on May 31, 2018 (GMT+8). Submission after the deadline is considered as unsuccessful. Thank you for your participation!

Project Submission

  • Step 1. Please submit your project, along with your application form, to by May 31, 2018 (GMT+8). Please name the subject of the email in the format of “Project submission_Individual/Team name_Participating project”(e.g. “Project submission_Tron team_Blockchain explorer”), or the email will be categorized as spam, leading to an unsuccessful submission.

Submission Form

Type Information
Individual/Team Name*  
Name of Contact Person*  
Phone include (country code) *  
Project Name*  
Project Type (single option) *
  • ( ) Wallet based on Windows
  • ( ) Wallet based on Mac
  • ( ) Wallet based on iOS/Android
  • ( ) Wallet embedded with Google Chrome
  • ( )Blockchain Explorer
Project Description* (In the form of link,installation package, etc.|Please send installation package or other related forms in the attachment.)
Video Introduction  
Name of Attachment  

Attention: items with * are required.

  • Step 2. Applicants will receive a confirmation email upon successful project submission:

You have successfully submitted your project. We will evaluate the submitted project carefully. Announcement of the results of Tron Programming Contest will be made on June 5, 2018. Thank you for your participation!

Standard of Evaluation for TRON programming Contest

We will score projects submitted for the programming contest based on the following criteria. This score is highly associated with the final outcome of the contest.

Basic criteria

  1. Originality:

    The submitted project must be created originally by the applicant. We will not tolerate plagiarism.

  2. Compatibility:

    The project/product should be applicable to TRON’s mainnet.

  3. Voting function for wallet projects:

    For wallet projects, whether the submitted wallet supports witness voting is directly linked to chances of winning.

  4. Offline signature for Windows/iOS/Android-based wallets:

    Wallet projects for Windows/iOS/Android platforms must support offline signature. It’s also preferable for wallets for Mac to support offline signature.

Bonus criteria

  1. The spirit of competition:

    There is no severe violation of competition guidelines or departure from the spirit of fair competition.

  2. Engagement:

    Make sure to be fully communicative with TRON. We will assess your engagement based on our interaction through email and Slack.

  3. Functionality:

    Completeness of product functions or is it lacking essential functions. Whether the product is user-friendly.

  4. Innovation:

    How innovative and unique the project is.

  5. Extension:

    Whether the project promises potentials for future development.

Evaluation Form

Notes to the evaluation form:

  1. Applicants’ chances of winning are directly tied to your score for the basic criteria.
  2. There is a better chance of winning if submitted projects scores high points for the bonus criteria.

TRON Accelerator


To show support for the community and expand TRON’s ecosystem, TRON will offer developers USD$100,000 loans to help resolve budget shortage and support subsequent R&D and operations.

Loan Amount & Disbursement

Loan Amount: USD$100,000

Disbursement: Within 6 – 24 hours

Disbursement Method: Once eligibility for TRON Accelerator is verified, applicants will receive the equivalent of USD$100,000 in digital assets from the TRON Foundation After funds are disbursed, TRON will publicize information on participating projects and funding amounts on official TRON channels.


There are currently two repayment methods:

  • If the developer’s project completes a new round of financing, the loan of USD$100,000 will be converted to its equivalent in equity, at 80% of the company’s new valuation amount. [USD$100,000 / (0.80 x New Valuation)]
  • Loans provided through TRON Accelerator will be interest-free for the first 18 months. The developer shall repay the principal balance of USD$100,000 within 18 months, either in USD or mainstream digital asset equivalent at the time of repayment.

By setting up TRON Accelerator, TRON aims to expand and strengthen its network ecosystem, instead of seeking short-term commercial gains. If projects fail due to force majeure, the developer does not need to repay the principal balance.

Application Requirements

  • Developer submits their application to the TRON Foundation. Application must include product description and project achievements (including, but not limited to, product links and APKs).
  • Applicant must verify software ownership.
  • Applications that only provide a project plan and description will not receive a response.
  • Upon approval, qualified applicants will receive funds totaling USD$100,000 in convertible debt.
  • Evaluation standards: The product should be in the demo stage or beyond. Developers should demonstrate a rigorous work ethic and the desire for a long-term partnership with TRON to build a community-centric ecosystem.
  • Funding usage policy: Funding must be used to support further project development or operations for the applicant.

Eligible Projects

The scope of eligible projects includes but is not limited to the following blockchain-based developments:

  • DApps—finance, payment, gaming, currency, IoT, energy management, social media, communications
  • High quality utility applications for search, conversion, development assistance, etc.

Projects must be TRON related.

How to Apply

  1. Developers should submit applications to the Tron Foundation ( with their project description and product achievements (including but not limited to product link or APKs).
  2. We will reach out to developers who pass our assessment. Fund disbursement of USD$100,000 in direct convertible loans will be completed in a timely fashion.